Stop Over-Inking It!

The big question: What print style represents my brand?

Here at Legacy Merch, we do our best to educate you on every option available. Every company and clothing brand is unique, with different needs and different messages you are trying to convey to your customers.

Think about your favorite T-Shirt, is it the fit, the colors, or the feel? In a perfect world (or at Legacy Merch), its all 3! So how do we get this to your customer? Ink Types are a way you can set yourself apart and also create a culture for your company .


We are very biased, and this is our favorite ink type. These are super soft, breathable inks . If your company or brand is looking for a vintage look, this is your answer! There is a little bit of science behind this style of print. An activator is added to the ink color so that when exposed to heat (our dryer) the ink extracts the dye of the shirt color, leaving the ink in its place. CRAZY RIGHT?

The downside? It works best on 100% Cotton. We have discovered a few blended tees that work fairly well, and give a great vintage look once washed.

Plastisol ink:

Maybe textures and vintage isn’t your vibe. You want crisp, bold, clean lines? Lets take a look at Plastisol inks. Plastisol will give you exact color matches, hold those hard edges, give brightness for years to come and can be used on any garment out there.  

This is the ink your Grandfather has on all those Nascar tees. While sometimes it can be heavy and even crack, a lot has changed in screenprinting since then.   

We do have ways of making this classic ink pretty soft.

Mixing in a soft touch additive will help reduce the thickness of the ink, and at Legacy Merch, soft touch is on the house! Just ask for it on your next order.