Live Printing for Big Events

What is this live print thing?

We just finished a four day live print for Fort Worth’s Mayfest. The family friendly festival draws in around 200k attendees per year. Despite these large numbers their merch sales have been pretty low in previous years. This year we aimed to help them sell more through client engagement and to reduce their costs by printing only what was purchased. 

When you have a festival like Mayfest that pulls in a couple hundred thousand people over four days it can be tough to gauge how much pre printed merchandise to purchase. If the weather is great you may sell out early leaving dollars on the table, if the weather is bad you may not sell much of anything and end up sitting on a pile of dated tees. So what’s the answer to this puzzle that every festival coordinator faces? What if you could sell exactly what you need? What if every attendee that wanted to make a purchase was able to do so and there was no stock left over at the end of the event? Sound like a dream scenario? Well, we are here to make that dream come true for our clients. 

How do we get started? The first and most important step is a consultation with our team where we listen to your needs,  goals, and review past data. Next we collaborate with you to formulate the right plan for your event. After that you can put your feet up and sip a cold beverage while we get to work.  We show up with a skilled team, a top notch mobile print shop, and proceed to print your shirts as they are ordered. 

So we can help solve your dollars problem, but what about being able to sell more? How do you get people excited about buying stuff with your name on it? How do you make them get a warm fuzzy feeling when they wear a shirt with your name on it?  For merchandise sales live printing is the ultimate in client engagement. Most people just have to stop and see what we are printing in our booth, whether they aim to buy or not. The perceived value of each item is increased considerably when they find out we will print a shirt just for them (thus the warm fuzzies). Throw in a couple design options or color combos and they can’t not buy. Not only that, but they are excited about the experience and will forever associate it with your event (more warm fuzzies). That’s what we call winning.