Chopper Supply Co.


Owner: Kenny Kirk

EST: May 16th 2015

Tees Used: American Apparel 2001

Inks: Waterbase/Discharge

Located in The Stockyards of Fort Worth, lies the baddest chopper shop in Texas. 

We went by to catch up with Kenny a few weeks ago, to get a little back story

and find out what Chopper Supply has been up to and where it is headed.

LM: Kenny! How’s it going brother? This shop is insane, who did the build out?

KK: Oh, funny story. When I first started demo here I realized the place had great bones. So design was easy, I tried to do as little as possible to the walls, ceiling and floors. The inspectors came in and asked if it was done, and I said, “yup”.

LM:So what kind of stuff is going on up here?

KK: Well, this year we have done a few events. We had a Chili Cook Off that doubled as a fundraiser for an adoption agency. We have had some gallery showings for photographers and artists in our industry. On Thursdays we have a Tech Night, where we focus on different parts of a custom bike build and teach those who are curious about bikes.

LM: Thats great stuff! I know you take the shop on the road a lot too, what events does Chopper Supply make a trip for?

KK: This year we were at ‘Southern Throwdown’ in Dallas, we rode out to ‘Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show’  in New Braunfels and we are gearing up for ‘Born Free’ in a couple weeks out in California.

LM: Lets talk merch. You always have some of the best designs, who are you using for artwork?

KK: We like to change it up and support those who support us. So a few of my guys are Jason Cruz, who is one of the industry’s top artists , Scoot Malone from Sacred Arts Co. and Richard Minino of VNM

LM: American Apparel seems to be your go to brand, why is that?

KK: It’s made here. Simple as that. They have a great product and  being made in America we don’t have to compromise our values.

Whether you are there for some parts, a vintage Harley tee, or just a cold beer and conversation,

you are guaranteed to have a good time. Be sure to visit for products and upcoming event info.